Paradoxx Sound in California establishes an audio restoration facility using CEDAR

John Sweeney

17 March 1998

Paradoxx Sound, located in Palmdale, California, has become the first customer for CEDAR's newest release of its flagship NR-3 Noise Reduction software.

The studio is owned and managed by former drummer, John Sweeney, who has guided the facility from a modest 24-channel analogue recording studio to an all-digital 24-bit environment for recording, audio restoration, and mastering. Based around a 24-channel Soundtracs Virtua, Paradoxx Sound now boasts three Genex GX-8000 M/O recorders - each with a dedicated Studer D19 8-channel A/D converter - and a full SADiE system complete with UV22 for final reduction to 16-bit for Exabyte masters and CDR copies.

Sweeney says, "We decided to create the cleanest, quietest, highest fidelity mastering facility that we could, so every piece of equipment after the microphone pre-amps is now 24-bit digital. I'm a strong advocate of floating-point processing, and adding CEDAR was a logical progression. We wanted to improve our mastering capabilities still further, and extend the range of services that we could offer to our customers. Since we are out in the desert, we deal with many of our customers by phone and fax (we also offer a free sample service to attract new business) and we sometimes receive tapes that are far noisier than the customer had led us to expect. So NR-3 was the next step the tool that allows us to create top quality masters from those tapes. Apart from its obvious sonic superiority, I chose NR-3 because I was impressed that it came from a Company that specialises in noise reduction, not a company that makes editors, has its fingers in every pie under the sun, and offers noise reduction as well."

The CEDAR system was installed directly by CEDAR Audio, and on-site training was carried out over the weekend of 14/15 March. Paradoxx Sound now offers restoration services for specialised projects including rescuing movie soundtracks as well as remastering for CD and video.

NR-3 is part of the CEDAR for Windows suite of processes that include declick, decrackle, dehiss, debuzz, and phase correction. The latest version (v1.04) adds freehand drawing and modification of noise reduction curves, signal EQs, and CEDAR's unique Noise Attenuation EQs, and is now available for all users of the system. Owners requiring free upgrades should contact CEDAR Audio in the UK.

For further information:

CEDAR Audio Limited, 9 Clifton Court, Cambridge, CB1 7BN, United Kingdom.
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CEDAR Audio USA, 43 Deerfield Road, Portland, Maine, ME04101-1805, USA.
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J.M. Sweeney, Paradoxx Sound, 15392 Cobalt Street, Sylmar, CA 91342.
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