CEDAR Debuzz and Series X upgrades at the 1999 NAB Convention

16 February 1999

CEDAR Audio Limited will be attending the forthcoming NAB Convention in Las Vegas, exhibiting on stand 10587. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the flagship CEDAR for Windows system complete with the new Debuzz-2 process. CEDAR will also be showing the complete range of Series X units, including the upgraded DCX declicker and DHX dehisser.

CEDAR for Windows Debuzz-2 process

In 1998, Debuzz was the world's first dedicated module designed to fix the specific audio problems experienced in film and television production. The upgraded version has been designed to remove buzzes and hums more effectively than before, without the unwanted side effects introduced by techniques such as comb-filtering. It is also suitable for use in forensic laboratories where the reduction of noise can increase the listenability of degraded audio such as surveillance tapes, and assist transcription.

CEDAR DHX dehisser

The DHX has been upgraded to remove noise more effectively in the presence of high amplitude transients and artificially enhanced dynamic ranges. The new algorithms offer improvements for all types of speech and music restoration. Alongside this, the new algorithms embodied in the DCX are capable of increasing performance by more than 100%, removing more clicks and ticks than ever before.

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