The last CEDAR Series 2 has been purchased by The Academy Of The Performing Arts in Prague

Sound Studio, Prague

5 September 2000

Sound Studio, the in-house studio of the Music Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU) has purchased a CR-1 De-Crackler... the world's last CEDAR Series 2.

Sound Studio manages its own publishing house, and has worked on many professional projects including work for Czech TV and Radio. Recent restoration work carried out using its CEDAR DC-1 De-Clicker includes a unique collection of recordings by Czech writer Karel Capek and this collection is now the property of the National Museum of Asian, African and American Culture.

Ondrej Moravec of Sound Studio said, "We will be using the CR-1 De-Crackler and our DC-1 De-Clicker to restore many projects. We have found CEDAR products to be extremely effective and easy to use. We were delighted to secure the last Series 2, and we are hoping to purchase a DHX dehisser and AZX+ azimuth corrector at some point in the future."

For further information:

CEDAR Audio Limited, 9 Clifton Court, Cambridge, CB1 7BN, United Kingdom.
t: +44 1223 414117
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Ondrej Moravec, Sound Studio Hamu, Malostranske nam 13, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
t: +420 2 57312354