'Aliens' have been captured on film in a musical documentary to be screened at the 1999 New York International Film Festival

Sea Dragon

25 March 1999

Aliens Of The Sea is a remarkable documentary video of rare and exotic Australian species filmed in their natural habitats along the New South Wales and Queensland coastlines. Filmed over a period of three years by Pawel Achtel, the Aliens were captured using special lighting and camera techniques to illuminate their unique beauty. "People refer to outer space as the last frontier", Mr. Achtel says, "but there are creatures in our own backyard that are just as weird and wonderful as any imagined aliens from outer space."

Aliens Of The Sea runs for 50 minutes and features a powerful soundtrack commissioned from CEDAR Audio's Managing Director, Gordon Reid. Performed by Reid, with contributions from CEDAR's Sales Director, Clive Osborn, and produced by Nick Magnus, the soundtrack will also be available on CD later this year.

The world premiere of Aliens Of The Sea will be in New York at Le Bar Bat (311 W. 57th St.) on May 6, 1999 at 7.00 p.m.

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