FNR broadband noise reduction system for CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Audio FNR broadband noise reduction system

6 January 2016

CAMBRIDGE, UK: For nearly 30 years, CEDAR Audio has been pushing back the boundaries of what is possible - and what is believed possible - in the field of broadband noise reduction and speech enhancement. Today, the company is proud to announce the FNR module for CEDAR Cambridge. Based on a radical new noise reduction algorithm, this has been designed to clean up speech recordings suffering from very poor signal/noise ratios, and it's capable of performance that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. It's therefore ideal for audio forensic and security clients, and will no doubt find many uses in post and broadcast where, for example, there is no other way to reveal the wanted speech in interviews and news reports recorded in challenging environments.

Alan French, who heads CEDAR's forensic and security division says, "I have been enhancing forensic audio material for more than 30 years, and one scenario has proved to be stubbornly problematic, and often impossible to solve. This is the problem of revealing and increasing the intelligibility of voices recorded in crowded cafés and similar environments. We in the forensic audio community encounter this time and again and, while the venues and scenarios may vary greatly from case to case, they all share a common difficulty; how do you reveal a wanted speaker when the signal to noise ratio is very poor, or if the unwanted sound on the recording is actually other human voices?"

"Until now, the best tools available have been CEDAR's single channel adaptive and lattice filters as well as the NR4 and NR5 broadband noise reduction modules, but FNR is going to be a game-changer for this type of work. Because it's adaptive, it reacts - and reacts quickly - to changes in the background noise in café-type recordings, and it doesn't have anything like as much effect on the wanted voices as previous filtering systems. I have been testing FNR for more than six months prior to its release, and it has yielded excellent results on genuine casework. It also works very well on recordings made in moving vehicles because, as in the café scenario, the background noises (primarily, the engine and road noise) are constantly changing, and FNR tracks these changes better than anything else I've yet heard."

FNR is immediately available. Please contact your local CEDAR office, dealer or agent for pricing.

About CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Cambridge is widely recognised to be the most powerful and most accurate audio restoration system yet devised, and has seen a stream of improvements since its launch, including new processing modules and dramatic increases in processing power. Today, it counts the most prestigious film, TV and mastering studios among its users, but its greatest impact has been in the field of sound archives and libraries as well as security, law enforcement and air accident investigation, for which it has become a worldwide standard.

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