CEDAR Audio launches a radical new Dynamics and EQ package

CEDAR D/EQ dynamics and EQ

16 May 1998

CEDAR Audio has further enhanced its flagship CEDAR for Windows system with the addition of D/EQ, a uniquely powerful Dynamics and Equalisation package that offers 120 dynamics and EQ processors distributed across 16 channels of 24-bit digital audio.

D/EQ offers many powerful facilities, including the unique ability to mix and match - simultaneously - up to 120 real-time stereo reference-quality 'virtual' IIR Equalisers and Dynamics Processors distributed across 16 channels of digital audio. Yet despite this world-beating specification, D/EQ is remarkably simple to configure and use, with all signal routing, metering, status monitoring and I/O control taken care of by CEDAR's elegant Console software.

D/EQ's Equalisers offer a frequency accuracy of better than 0.1Hz, and the standard parametric nodes (bell-curves) offer a superb Q of 100 at 50Hz. The shelving filters are maximally flat in the pass-band and the stop-band, and offer roll-offs of up to 100dB/octave. These facilities are particularly well suited to mastering and forensic applications, and are an excellent complement to the FIR-type EQ contained within CEDAR's NR-3 Noise Reduction module.

Each of D/EQ's Dynamics Processors may be defined as a compressor, a limiter, a downward expander or an upward expander, so that you can craft almost any dynamics response individually for each of the possible 16 channels of audio. Each processor has independent envelope, threshold, and make-up gain controls, and an 'advance/delay' feature makes it simple to obtain more transparent processing than conventional devices or software can offer.

The combination of Dynamics Processing and IIR EQ also allows you to tailor the dynamic response in user-defined frequency bands, thus making this module a superb de-esser.

Almost transparent in use, D/EQ offers the highest standards of quality and flexibility, far exceeding those of conventional signal processing units.

D/EQ runs on CEDAR's proprietary ProDSP board, up to eight of which can be installed simultaneously in a single CEDAR for Windows system. Each board offers 24-bit AES/EBU and SPDIF I/O, and a pair of 40-bit floating-point DSPs. A maximally configured system offers 16 channels of real-time processing and provides a phenomenal 400Mflops of processing power. Furthermore, every board in a CEDAR sytem will support every software package provided by the Company, so users of D/EQ may add facilities such as broadband noise reduction, debuzzing, declicking or decrackling at a later date.

D/EQ is immediately available.

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