dialogue noise suppressor for Pro Tools


CEDAR enters the era of AAX

26 October 2012

In response to Avid's introduction of its AAX plug-in format, we are pleased to announce DNS One AAX, an AAX Native plug-in that combines the DNS One process with the DNS CS remote control for the DNS2000 and DNS3000.

CEDAR's DNS process is the modern standard for noise suppression in film and TV studios, on location, for sporting events and in newsrooms worldwide. Compatible with the latest Pro Tools 10 systems, DNS One AAX retains the zero latency of previous versions and offers the same Academy Award winning noise suppression as its illustrious siblings the DNS1000, DNS1500, DNS2000 and DNS3000.

Andy Day, when reviewing DNS One wrote, "The incredibly simple interface might fool you into thinking that the DNS One is limited in performance, but quite the opposite is true. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it provides the most natural noise reduction of all the processors out there."


Existing users running DNS One on Intel-based Mac systems may upgrade to DNS One AAX (which also supports Audiosuite) free of charge. Those running a more complete suite of CEDAR Studio processes may do so for a nominal charge.

For further information contact

Clive Osborn, International Sales Director
CEDAR Audio Ltd, 20 Home End, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5BS, United Kingdom
e: clive.osborn@cedaraudio.com · t: +44 1223 881771