CEDAR DNS One signals the arrival of CEDAR's Academy Award winning DNS series as a Pro Tools plug-in


16 February 2010

CEDAR Audio is proud to introduce one of the most significant product innovations in the field of audio post.

The DNS One is everything you ever wanted from a software-based dialogue noise suppressor. A Pro Tools plug-in that runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, it makes no compromises in sound quality and offers the same Academy Award winning performance as its illustrious siblings, the DNS1500, DNS2000 and DNS3000. Coupled to a superb new user-interface that allows you to control hundreds of channels of DNS (software and hardware, in any mix you choose) from a single Pro Tools host, DNS One is the most powerful and flexible noise suppressor ever developed.

Power and Control

DNS One Trio Offering all the power and audio quality of our dedicated hardware products, DNS One is a superbly flexible, fully automated implementation of DNS designed specifically for Pro Tools users. It's ideal for all studio environments, and especially for post-production for film, TV and video.

It makes unusable interviews intelligible, saves huge costs in ADR, and has rescued dialogue for countless movies. In the words of one member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, DNS was "probably used on every major movie coming out of Hollywood in the past couple of years", and can now be found on virtually all dubbing stages worldwide.

You control DNS One using the dedicated DNS Control System software. More than just a GUI for DNS One, this RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools LE and HD systems runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, and allows you to control as many instances of DNS One as your host system can support, plus up to 126 DNS2000s and/or DNS3000s. It is also fully integrated with Pro Tools automation and its hardware control surfaces such as the Icon, D-Control and D-Command. The DNS Control System is completely cross-compatible between DNS One, the DNS2000 and the DNS3000, so users can install DNS One alongside existing hardware units, creating sessions on one and later, if desired, recalling them on either of the others.

Why DNS?

Noise is all around us: traffic, aircraft, the noise inside vehicles, rain and other water noises, the noise from domestic appliances and even excessive reverberation. It renders many recordings unusable, so noise suppression techniques are used to clean up dialogue for film production, to suppress ambient noise for live TV and radio broadcasting, to revitalise sound effects libraries, and to enhance speech for forensic audio investigation.

Until CEDAR's DNS technology was developed, you were forced to use processes such as low-pass filters, noise gates, dynamics processes, or processes developed from analogue encode/decode noise reduction systems. Thankfully, you can now remove the rumble, general background, whistles and camera noise from contaminated audio using DNS, the modern standard and the tool of choice for removing background noise from dialogue.

In February 2005, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honoured CEDAR's engineers with Technical Achievement Awards for the design and implementation of the CEDAR DNS1000. A studio standard for eliminating background noises such as traffic and air conditioning, the CEDAR DNS1000 had already won SSAIRA and PAR Awards in 2000 and 2001, and was nominated for a TEC Award in 2001.

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