CEDAR announces a breakthrough in audio restoration: declick 96

CEDAR for SADiE manual declick

22 September 1999 - 107th AES Convention, New York

To address the widest possible range of declick requirements, CEDAR Audio announces declick 96, a further development of CEDAR world-beating declick and descratch algorithms. Hosted by the latest SADiE 24/96 and Artemis workstations, declick 96 offers two processing modes:

  • auto declick 96 allows the user to process part or all of an entire playlist as an off-line process.
  • manual declick 96 uses SADiE's sample-accurate region editing capabilities to allow users to highlight and seamlessly remove individual events in the audio waveform

As with all CEDAR processes, these algorithms clearly differentiate between the problem and the genuine signal, allowing transparent restoration of even severely damaged material. Undamaged signal passes without any changes: there is no distortion, no loss of transients, and no loss of ambience. And, in line with CEDAR Audio's usual policy, there will be no long wait between this announcement and availability of the new product. Studio Audio & Video will be able to supply declick 96 to end-users immediately following the AES Convention.

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