CEDAR Audio announces that CEDAR for SADiE™
is now available on SADiE 6 Native


18 January 2012


CEDAR Audio is delighted to announce that the full suite of CEDAR for SADiE processes is now available on all versions of SADiE 6.


SADiE 6 is available to run natively as well as on SADiE's dedicated DSP boards, and can be licensed to a particular PC, to a dongle, or using the new licence server option that allows users to check processes in and out of a central repository. The introduction of these options provides users with a hugely flexible range of ways to authorise and use SADiE, but created a number of technical hurdles that had to be jumped before new versions of CEDAR for SADiE could run on all of them.

Gordon Reid, CEDAR Audio's Managing Director says, "This is a big step forward, offering much more flexibility for users, both in terms of how they license CEDAR for SADiE, and in terms of the systems on which they can run it. Of course, the performance of the CEDAR processes is uncompromised, and SADiE users will obtain the same first-class results from the new versions as they have always done."

About CEDAR for SADiE

For users for whom a single, integrated approach to restoration and mastering is most suitable, CEDAR Audio created the CEDAR for SADiE suite, which won a SSAIRA Award and was also nominated for a coveted TEC Award. CEDAR for SADiE removes all manner of clicks, crackle, thumps, and hiss, and includes CEDAR Retouch™ to ensure that your audio is free of all unwanted sounds and noises.

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