The CEDAR DNS 8 Live™ cleans up politics in the UK

BBC General Election 2015 logo

6 June 2015

LONDON, UK: British general elections are always covered in great depth by the BBC and other broadcasters and, with myriad feeds from multiple studios and outside locations served by satellite vehicles and regional news feeds, last month's proceedings provided a severe test for their audio systems and the engineers in charge of them. At Elstree Studios, the BBC set up three areas - one for the main presenters and their guests, a second for the large VR screens that also provided the computer-generated graphics detailing results and predictions, and a third where additional presenters and guests discussed the results as they occurred.

Inevitably, background noise was a problem, so the BBC’s engineers turned to the CEDAR DNS 8 Live. With its eight channels of noise suppression and its unique Learn mode, this made it possible to broadcast through the night without the viewers becoming aware of the noises generated by the numerous projectors and screens in the studio.

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