Berlin post production facility Studio Babelsberg installs additional CEDAR modules

Studio Babelsberg installs CEDAR Series X+

21 June 2000

CEDAR customers of many years standing, Studio Babelsberg already owns two CEDAR Series 2 units, and has now installed the two new BRX+ debuzzers alongside its existing DC-1 De-Clicker and DH-1 De-Hisser. The new units will be used to remove buzz and hum from mobile cable configurations, and for eliminating lighting noise from outside recordings.

Studio Babelsberg's Technical Director, Ullrich Illing said "We have been using CEDAR units for many years now, and we are delighted with our new purchases. CEDAR products are extremely user-friendly, and they can be adjusted quickly to cope with a variety of problems. We find many buzzes and hums on outside recordings that up until now we could not remove effectively. The BRX+ units will mean that we can now avoid the expensive overdub sessions that would usually have been necessary."

CEDAR Audio's Managing Director, Gordon Reid, adds "We are delighted that Studio Babelsberg is finding the BRX+ debuzzers so useful. Many of our customers tell us that these units pay for themselves very quickly by helping to avoid extra sessions or re-recording."

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