CEDAR Studio? "Untouchable... I couldn't use anything else"

Hoot Studios

14 April 2020

With several years' experience of cleaning audio for companies such as the BBC and the Discovery channel, Hoot Studios is far from a rookie when it comes to audio engineering. As well as audio post production for movies, corporate videos, commercials and VR, the company works on TV projects ranging from live sports to documentaries, using CEDAR Studio DNS to remove hiss and other unwanted background noise. The software is used on all of their dialogue tracks, not just in their studio in Wales but also while on the move.

Recording engineer and sound designer, Rhys Young, has developed interesting ways to use the DNS suite to make it as effective as possible. His method involves using the DNS Two plug-in for overall background noise suppression and then adding DNS One to target finer details. He explained to us that the technique uses four noise reduction stages, with DNS Two followed by three instances of DNS One, one each for the high, medium and low frequency ranges. He uses the Learn function most of the time, and this identifies and adapts to the background noise. However, for problematic pieces of audio, he tailors the results using the frequency bands within each of DNS One's ranges, adjusting their attenuations manually for greater control and more precise noise suppression.

Talking about his experience using CEDAR Studio DNS he says, "In my field of work, CEDAR Studio is untouchable and is worth every penny for what it has done and continues to do for us at Hoot Studios. It has saved countless projects where, for whatever reason, you can't go back and re-shoot. This is especially true when, as is usually the case, priority is placed on getting the right camera angles rather than the right sound. CEDAR Studio removes that worry".

CEDAR Studio is used across many entertainment industries and leads the way in its field. Rhys makes this clear by concluding, "I have used other software programs which are nowhere near as good. It is the best tool I have found for removing noise and making my tracks sound as clear as possible. I couldn't use anything else".

We would like to extend our thanks to Rhys at Hoot Studios for his insight and kind words.

High resolution image: Hoot Studios Suite.

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