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"CEDAR is used every day in serious organised crime and national security investigations, to great effect" - West Midlands Police, UK

CEDAR's live surveillance systems and powerful speech enhancement systems were developed for forces engaged in areas such as real-time audio surveillance, law enforcement, counter terrorism, border control, drug enforcement, military intelligence, as well as air and marine accident investigation. They are used worldwide by government and private agencies, and include field recorders with advanced evidential features, simple desktop processors that aid long-term listening and transcription, and powerful PC-based systems that offer the maximum power possible to overcome all manner of audio problems.

CEDAR Cambridge™

CEDAR Cambridge Silent 1

Key features:

  • Increase listenability and intelligibility
  • Turnkey or custom configurations
  • Real-time and off-line (up to 100x faster than real-time) processing
  • Handles live audio and audio files
  • 8-channel, 192kHz audio and 64-bit processing
  • Huge storage capabilities
  • Advanced adaptive filters
  • Dialogue noise suppressors
  • A wide selection of other filters, equalisers and processes
  • High resolution spectrum analysis
  • Runs multiple processes simultaneously
  • Batch processing and server options for maximum efficiency
  • HTML and XML report generation
  • Multi-region processing and text transcription
  • Metadata generation and editing
  • User-friendly environment
  • Emphasises productivity and speed of use
  • Internationalisation

CEDAR Cambridge forensic systems can be shipped as turnkey configurations or customised to each user's specifications. All include our high-resolution spectrum analyser and a set of Adaptive Filters designed specifically for use in audio forensic investigation, integrating them into a single, user-friendly environment that can be translated into the local language when necessary, and all offer tools that maximise productivity and ease of use. They can then be expanded with additional broadband noise reduction packages such as the unique DNS and FNR processes, precise equalisers, adaptive limiting, declipping, a wide range of modules for removing different forms of buzzes, clicks, crackles, and thumps, plus the patented Retouch™ process, which allows users to eliminate all manner of unwanted sounds and to accentuate wanted ones. CEDAR Cambridge systems allow you to launch and manipulate multiple processes simultaneously, either applying multiple analysers and filters to each signal, or applying individual processes to each channel. This is particularly useful when using the full system, where you may apply multiple noise reduction systems, adaptive filters, declickers, debuzzers, declippers, EQs and analysers in a single pass. All the processes offer advanced graphic tools, visual feedback, save/recall capabilities and a Report Generator that allows you to record your settings, save transcriptions, and create databases for future data mining.

All CEDAR Cambridge systems include an 8-channel audio recorder offering variable speed playback, and a metadata editor for attaching and updating the text information included within the audio file itself. They can also generate reports that, as well as helping investigators to transcribe conversations and keep track of the processing applied to the audio, provide detailed information in a format that is simple for courts and other investigative bodies to understand. XML reports can be generated just as quickly and easily to help create databases for future data mining of words or events of interest. When even greater throughput is required, the dedicated CEDAR Cambridge Server software allows users to specify multiple processing paths on a single system; for example, creating one path optimised for reducing air conditioning noise, a second for eliminating GSM interference, a third for removing electrical buzzes, and so on. These paths can then be used as batch processors, processing huge amounts of material without intervention. What's more, they are accessible to anyone authorised on the network connected to the system, thus allowing officers and agents with minimal audio experience to access and use its powerful filters successfully.

Further information: CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Trinity™

CEDAR Trinity 4 audio surveillance system

Key features:

  • Monitor and record live feeds for weeks, months or even years
  • Combines long-term monitoring with powerful enhancement
  • Up to eight simultaneous recording channels
  • Allows multiple users to access feeds and recordings over a LAN
  • Replay and enhance any part of a recording while still recording
  • Offers advanced filters to increase intelligibility
  • Trinity Satellite systems allow additional users to access the system
  • Event logging
  • Transcribe events of interest while continuing recording
  • Verify the integrity of any project or archive for evidential purposes
  • Export audio to .WAV files and audio CDs
  • Simple user interface for field work

CEDAR Trinity can be installed on any suitable PC or supplied pre-installed on rugged laptop systems, and combines long-term audio monitoring with powerful real-time speech enhancement, recording (with durations measured in years rather than days), event logging, and file verification that ensures that no-one has tampered with the recordings. The 8-channel recorder is an invisible part of the system and is always active, even when the machine is asleep or you are not logged in, and will automatically resume recording after a reboot or when you turn the computer on. You don't even need to stop recording to listen to previous events. CEDAR Trinity allows you to return to times of interest, to loop sections of audio while enhancing the speech, and to log or transcribe these events while it continues to record. Then, you can catch up gradually with real-time events so that nothing is missed.

Of course, it would be better if many listeners could access each of the live feeds, perhaps with some monitoring events as they happen while others inspect past events of interest. That's no problem. Multiple CEDAR Trinity Satellite systems can be connected to any CEDAR Trinity host, allowing multiple users to address each of the audio streams, whether to monitor the incoming audio and perform real-time speech enhancement, or to listen to and enhance past events for logging and transcription. It's a hugely powerful system, but its user interface has been made as simple and intuitive as possible so that surveillance personnel and transcription experts need no detailed knowledge of recording or enhancement to monitor and extract the maximum intelligibility from any part of an audio stream or CEDAR Trinity recording.

Further information: CEDAR Trinity

CEDAR Trinity Enhance

CEDAR Trinity Enhance

Stunningly simple but effective voice enhancement for audio and video forensics, and for cleaning other difficult material

We live in a world where an increasing amount of evidential material is being recorded every day, much of it captured on smart phones, CCTV systems and similar devices. These recordings tend to have at least one thing in common: background and environmental noise reduces the audio quality, making the wanted speech hard to listen to or even unintelligible. To improve this, we're releasing Trinity Enhanceâ„¢, the advanced filtering developed for our CEDAR Trinity surveillance system now available as an AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3 plug-in that is compatible with all of the common audio and video playback and editing platforms.

Trinity Enhance is incredibly simple to use but nonetheless an effective audio forensic toolkit comprising four related processes that suppress noise and enhance speech to increase listenability and intelligibility.

Further information: CEDAR Trinity Enhance

CEDAR SE1 Speech Enhancer

CEDAR SE1 unit

Make your intelligence more intelligible

Police, security and counter-terrorism forces require covert audio surveillance systems that are rugged while remaining as small and light as possible. They must be simple to operate and able to run on batteries as well as mains power so that they can (literally) be used in the field when necessary.

Designed following consultation with numerous forces and agencies, the CEDAR SE 1 Speech Enhancer satisfies all of these criteria.

It offers two channels of advanced filtering and speech enhancement in a small device that sits immediately between the probes (microphones) and the headphones. It offers minimal latency and the simplest possible controls, and has a 12V power input that allows it to run on mains or battery power, all of which make it ideal for covert surveillance and rapid tactical response.

Further information: CEDAR SE1 speech enhancer

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