Wild Woods Sound adopts Retouch™ for Survivor

CEDAR Retouch

8 February 2006

Following the worldwide launch of CEDAR Tools™, we are pleased to announce that audio services company Indian Hill Media Inc. has purchased Retouch™ for Pro Tools for installation at audio post-production facility Wild Woods Inc., where Terrance Dwyer, Chief Engineer/Supervising Sound Mixer uses it alongside his existing CEDAR DNS1000 Dialogue Noise Suppressor. Dwyer explains:

"CEDAR Retouch has the magical ability to reduce to a whisper screaming layers of insects that would diminish - sometimes demolish - the intelligibility of a scene. A very important tool when your projects are recorded in jungles around the world, its effectiveness is astounding and, combined with the CEDAR DNS1000, it is the only must have, can't-work-without sound tool that I've come across in twenty-five years of mixing."

Based in Los Angeles since 1995, Wild Woods is a leader in audio post-production for reality and documentary programming. Terrance Dwyer has provided Chief Engineer/Supervising Sound Mixer services to Wild Woods since 1997, and oversees the audio post-production at Wild Woods on the prime time series Fear Factor and eleven series of Survivor. He has received three Prime Time Emmy nominations and won a Prime Time Emmy - Outstanding Sound Mixing for the Survivor series.

The background to Retouch™

CEDAR Retouch offers a huge leap forward in processing technology, allowing you to identify and eliminate sounds as varied as insect noise, aircraft noise, and even car horns. CEDAR Retouch has made it possible to rescue performances, save countless location shots, and restore a huge number of archive and library recordings.

For further information:

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