Widget Post Production in Culver City has become the world's second customer for CEDAR Cambridge

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3 April 2003

The second CEDAR Cambridge system has been supplied by CEDAR USA in Portland, Maine. CEO, Fraser Jones says, "We have been working with Widget Post Production for more than a year, and we soon realised that CEDAR Cambridge ­(which, at the time, had not been announced)­ would be ideal for them. It's going to become a cliché, but I'm very excited by CEDAR Cambridge - it's so effective, and so powerful."

Initially supplied with CEDAR's new Declickle™ process, Widget Post Production already has plans to expand its system. Ed Bigger, the Account Manager handling the sale at CEDAR's Los Angeles dealer, Westlake Audio reports that " ... we'll be adding NR-4™, Declip and Debuzz in the next few weeks."

CEDAR's Managing Director, Gordon Reid, says, "We designed CEDAR Cambridge very much with post production in mind. Its eight-channel format is unparalleled for all forms of surround work, and the inclusion of processes such as DNS (dialogue noise suppression) makes it particularly suitable for film, TV and video restoration. We think that it's ideal for Widget Post Production."

The first CEDAR Cambridge system was supplied to a security agency in the UK. However, for reasons that are perhaps obvious, we are unable to disclose any information about this.

About Widget Post Production

Widget Post Production is in the specialised market of audio remastering for DVD, including restoration of the original audio elements, creation of the 6.1 (Dolby EX compatible) surround sound from mono and stereo sources, and encoding in Dolby and DTS formats. The company also provides editing, audio sweetening and mixing services, particularly for lower budget and independent films. It already boasts films such as Platoon, A Shot in the Dark, Dogs of War, Baby Boom, and the 1954 Humphrey Bogart film, The Barefoot Contessa among its restoration credits.

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