A CEDAR DNS1000™ help to keep the audience cool during the Brian Conley Show

DNS1000 in use at Teddington Studio One

A CEDAR DNS1000 in use on the Harry Hill Show in Studio One.

2 July 2002

Video Sound Services Limited (UK) has added a CEDAR DNS1000 to its broadcast sound operations.

Robert Edwards at Video Sound Services has just returned from South Korea after designing the audio coverage for the World Cup, and is currently using the unit to remove unwanted noise from programmes being recorded for ITV. He used the DNS1000 this week on The Brian Conley Show and explains, "This week temperatures soared and extra air conditioning was used to keep the audience cool during the recording. I used the DNS1000 live during all the interviews, including Bryan Adams, to eliminate the cooling plant noise. You can hear the impressive results on ITV on Saturday night."

The DNS1000 is a breakthrough in noise suppression. It will remove rumble, hiss, whistles, broadband noise, and the shot noise that often makes audio unusable. As with all CEDAR products, it has a simple but elegant user-interface, powerful capabilities, and will help users avoid expensive overdub sessions that may have otherwise been necessary. CEDAR has also released the DNS2000 Dialogue Noise Suppressor, a fully automated implementation of CEDAR's near zero-latency dialogue noise suppression technology designed specifically for users of Mac-based Pro Tools® systems.

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