CEDAR stars at the 54th Super Bowl

CEDAR stars at the 54th Super Bowl

5 March 2020

USA: A CEDAR DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressor had the best view in the stadium at this year's Super Bowl held at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida. The ever-powerful CEDAR hardware for broadcast and live sound was crucial in ensuring the intelligibility of the live audio from the referee's microphones and the podium mic so, if you attended the Super Bowl, you were listening to audio cleaned up live in real time by a CEDAR system.

With more than 30 years' experience in television, live sound and sports, ATK Audiotek provided the equipment and skills for the event. Looking back on the occasion, engineer Jack Bowling told us, "The DNS 8 Live is of paramount importance to me for cleaning up audio. At ATK, we've been using CEDAR noise suppressors for many years. We started with the DNS1000 and then the DNS1500, but the DNS 8 Live is the next evolution of this for us. At the Super Bowl, we used two referee microphones, EQ'd them, and then passed the audio through the DNS 8 Live, which allowed me to get the best sound quality possible."

Dealing with noise and reverberation is all part of a day's work for sound production engineers and setting up in a stadium for one of the biggest sporting events in the world is no exception. However, Jack's use of CEDAR isn't confined to sports. He continued, "I also use the DNS 8 Live for press conferences, PA, and many other types of events. For example, when you provide the sound for a conference in a concrete room, it sounds like you are in a cave even after EQ to avoid feedback. CEDAR fixes that - it's the most effective tool that I have used for this application at any of my events"

We would like to extend our thanks to Jack at ATK AudioTek for his insight and kind words.

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