Using the CEDAR SE 1 Speech Enhancer for surveillance

The CEDAR SE 1 on surveillance

2 Aug 2018

Watch the video: Using the SE 1 Speech Enhancer for surveillance

We've been asked many times what makes the SE 1 Speech Enhancer different from the CEDAR dialogue noise suppressors used by broadcasters, filmmakers and others in the entertainment industries. There are many answers to this - the algorithm is different, the audio interfacing is different, the results are different, the intended use is different - but it can still be hard to differentiate between them. So, on the basis that a moving picture is worth a thousand words, we decided to make a short video to show one in use in a real (well... almost real) scenario.

As you will see, the SE 1 is so small and manageable that it can be used in any situation - from a fully fitted, hi-tech surveillance van to a simple listening post in a hotel room - and it's the only device that you need to sit between your audio acquisition system and your headphones or monitoring. You'll be stunned by the simplicity of the SE 1 speech enhancer and the results that you can obtain from it.

Make your intelligence intelligible.

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