CEDAR Audio announces CEDAR Retouch™ v2 for SADiE

Retouch version 2 for SADiE

22 October 2003

Following feedback from users, CEDAR Audio has upgraded CEDAR Retouch for SADiE. This includes the much requested Preview Mode that allows users to audition the audio within Retouch without the need for rendering the restoration back into SADiE itself, meaning that users can perform multiple Retouch processes on a section of audio, auditioning the results at each stage of the operation until the clean-up is complete.

It's also possible to load a full minute of material into Retouch itself, allowing users to see and treat extended problems without selecting multiple regions of audio and treating them one at a time.

Gordon Reid, Managing Director or CEDAR says, "These are significant improvements to Retouch, speeding productivity, and allowing sound engineers to experiment with the process to achieve optimum results more quickly and more easily than ever before. All in all, Retouch v2 is a large step forward for both Retouch and our users."

Retouch™ was introduced in February 2002 and quickly became an industry standard for cleaning and repairing damaged audio. Unlike other restoration tools, Retouch allows the user to define the temporal and spectral content of the unwanted sound, and will eliminate noises as varied as coughs, squeaky chairs, page turns, the creak of a piano pedal and even car horns, with no unwanted side-effects or artefacts.

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