The CEDAR DNS3000 is an essential tool for Jürgen Roth and the Bavarian Film Studios

Roth Studio, Munich

20 October 2010

Jürgen Roth's Roth Studio is located in Munich on the site of the Bavarian Film and CINE post production studios. Together with CINE and Bavaria Film he has worked on many respected cinema and TV productions and, for a long time, has had access to their numerous CEDAR DNS1000s.

"The sound engineers at CINE and Bavaria very much like the DNS1000 so, recently, I've been finding that none are available when I need them", commented Roth. "Consequently, I decided to purchase a CEDAR DNS for myself. I have grown accustomed to making many settings notes when using the DNS1000", he continued, "so it was a simple decision to buy the more powerful CEDAR DNS3000. This allows me to use it manually just like a DNS1000, or to save all my settings to internal memory, as well as to automate it fully using Pro Tools. What's more, the new DNS Control System is an improvement on the previous remote control software, making the whole process even easier and more comfortable to use. I actually prefer CEDAR's hardware solutions to the new CEDAR DNS One plug-in, because the DNS3000's moving faders make the whole operation extremely intuitive. Of course, I test other products, but for me there is nothing as successful or effective as the DNS3000."

"Nowadays, there is very little time on set for making an ideal recording or even for finding the right recording settings. What's more, low budgets make it difficult to optimise problem audio in post, and a lack of time means that we are often unable to undertake ADR, so we just have to live with what we have. All of this makes the DNS3000 even more essential."

For further information:

Jürgen Roth, Roth Studio, Room 37-38, 2nd floor, House 7, Bavariafilmplatz 7, 82031 Grünwald, Germany
t: +49 160 9383 6153

CEDAR Deutschland, Rahestrasse 23, D-49525 Lengerich, Germany
t: +49 5481 945087