CEDAR Respeed is reviewed in the July/August 2011 issue of Resolution magazine

Resolution magazine, July/August 2009

"It's astonishing how well it works"

4 August 2011


In the world's first review of CEDAR Respeed™, award-winning restoration engineer Bill Lacey concluded the following about the company's latest innovation...

"I tested many sources with Respeed to determine how well it really worked... I transferred an LP and periodically put my finger on the turntable to induce a speed change at a particular point. Respeed perfectly corrected the deviation. A disc transfer of a symphonic piece had a severe case of 'the wiggles'. Respeed effortlessly removed them. It's astonishing how well it works."

"Respeed is not just for music, and spoken word benefits from it as well. I even tried with tape and disc transfers that appeared to have no speed variations, and Respeed identified areas that would benefit from minor corrections."

"I may never look at wiggly lines the same way again. At least I'll no longer have to apologise to clients when they ask me to address a problem that, until the arrival of Respeed, would have been impossible to solve. I can't guarantee that Respeed can fix every problem you throw at it, but if you're serious about your sound and are a CEDAR Cambridge user, there is no excuse not to add this to your kit."

CEDAR Respeed About CEDAR Respeed

Speed errors encountered in recordings and upon playback can be caused by many problems. Examples include faulty tape recorder transports, sticky tapes, electrical problems in analogue recording devices, and off-centre holes in discs. In each case, the recording or the replayed audio exhibits speed changes with respect to what would have been recorded or replayed had the fault not existed.

The solution

Respeed automatically identifies - or allows the user to identify - unwanted speed changes contained within the presented audio. Once these have been determined the track may be processed many times faster than real-time. The result is greater pitch stability and, when used on speech signals, improved intelligibility. However, musical pitch variations such as vibrato and glissandos are left unaffected.

Respeed incorporates three modes of processing, including an Advanced mode that handles many tracks without user intervention. In addition, a powerful range of tools are also provided, and these allow the user to adapt the process for almost any track that contains speed errors.

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