"CEDAR Cambridge Version 11... If you want the best, there's no other option"

CEDAR Cambridge v11 Resolution Award 2017

16 October 2017

UK: We are proud to announce the following news from Nigel Jopson, editor of Resolution magazine. "It gives me great pleasure to let you know that CEDAR Cambridge v11 has won the processor category in the 2017 Resolution Awards. This is a significant achievement. The Resolution Awards recognise quality and innovation in professional audio and your product has been judged to be outstanding in these respects by the best informed readership in the industry. Congratulations."

In its Award Winner Supplement, the magazine wrote, "CEDAR Cambridge Version 11 continues the tradition of quality, excellence and ease of use that allows the company's end-users to meet or exceed client demands. If you want the best, there's no other option."

Gordon Reid, Managing Director of CEDAR Audio says, "As always, our target is not only to help audio engineers to achieve results that were previously thought impossible, but to help them to do so quickly, easily, and productively. We're very proud of the recognition that a Resolution Award represents, and we would like to thank everyone who voted for us over the past few months."

Resolution magazine will be covering the award results in its October 2017 (AES Convention New York) issue. See its report on CEDAR Cambridge here.

About CEDAR Cambridge:

CEDAR Cambridge is a high-resolution processing platform that offers a wide range of tools capable of cleaning up everything ranging from the earliest recordings to live broadcasts being transmitted today, giving you the power to address all of your audio restoration and speech enhancement needs. Completely modular, fully automated, and capable of integration with today's media asset management systems, it can process up to 100 times faster than real-time and, with the optional Server Pack and XML Extension installed, can support multiple users and process huge bodies of material quickly and efficiently. The system will generate a report for every track it processes so that the audio and its associated metadata can be added efficiently to users' databases and MAM systems.

See: CEDAR Cambridge

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