The DNS 8 Live on French TV - "We can't live without it"

Pierre Laurens

22 June 2020

For many years, the CEDAR DNS 8 Live has set the standard for noise reduction in news broadcasting, talk shows, game shows, sporting events and live music events. However, as this story from live sound mixer Pierre Laurens illustrates, people are still finding new and interesting ways to use it.

Pierre has spent a decade working as an audio engineer specialising in live and broadcast sound mixing, and he uses the DNS 8 Live every day on French TV. But rather than assigning each of its eight channels to a specific microphone in the conventional fashion, he places each channel across the insert of a group that defines a geographical zone on the stage. He told us, "Using the DNS 8 Live on the groups in this way gives me great rejection of the background noise with no artefacts wherever the anchors stand on stage. This approach ensures that clean speech is obtained consistently across the soundstage as well as providing increased flexibility for positioning the presenters. But if we have critical scenarios with large differences in volume between speakers, we can still allocate channels to specific microphones to increase the noise reduction and give us more headroom".

"If you're looking for a denoising solution on talk shows, the DNS 8 Live is the perfect solution. It's my magic box. We can't live without it."

The DNS 8 Live was designed to remove noise for broadcast and live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship. With near-zero latency it can be placed in the audio chain without loss of synchronisation, eliminating traffic noise, air conditioning, wind, rain, babble, spill and general background noise. It also helps to compensate for unfavourable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement, and will even suppress excessive reverberation. It was replaced in 2019 by the CEDAR DNS 8D which offers improved processing plus a Dante® audio interface.

We would like to extend our thanks to Pierre for his insight and kind words.

Pierre Laurens

Watch the DNS 8D introductory video

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