CEDAR's Scientific and Technical Achievements are to be honoured with an Academy Award

AMPAS Technical Achievement Award

20 January 2005

Dave Betts and Dr Christopher Hicks - the Engineering Director and Senior Engineer of CEDAR Audio, respectively - are to be presented on 12 February 2005 with an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences® Technical Achievement Award, 2004.

Awards Administration Director Rich Miller states that, unlike other Academy Awards, achievements receiving Scientific and Technical Awards do not have to have been developed and introduced during 2004. Devices are only considered for Sci-Tech Awards if they have a proven track record of continued and successful use in the film industry. Mr Betts and Dr Hicks are to be honoured for the design and implementation of the CEDAR DNS1000 multi-band digital noise suppressor which, in the words of one Academy member, "is probably used on every major movie coming out of Hollywood in the past couple of years"

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