Mainmix adopts the CEDAR DNS 2 for full service events

Mainmix and TÜV Nord AG
TÜV Nord AG corporate event facilitated by Mainmix using the CEDAR DNS 2

24 June 2021

Andreas Burghard, Managing Director of Mainmix, recently contacted Uwe Seyfert at CEDAR Deutschland to ask to try a CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor. Having tested it, he was immediately convinced that it would be an important addition to his company's arsenal. He told us, "We tested the DNS 2 extensively as soon as we received it and are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that it offers us. There is a clear increase in audio quality when using it. For example, we tested it at a digital event organized by TÜV Nord AG (an international service provider for technical reviewing and certification) and, despite the less than ideal conditions for voice transmission, the DNS 2 removed the interference and we obtained a clean, high-quality sound. Its processing capabilities were also evident in our recording studio when we were recording an audio book. It's quick and simple to use, which is important to us because operators need to get good results in a very short time. From now on, the CEDAR DNS 2 will be an integral part of our productions."

Mainmix, which has locations in Schwerte (near Dortmund in western Germany) and Munich, is a full service provider of audio, lighting, video and stage technology. Its range of services includes event planning and development, implementation, and providing all of the equipment necessary for clients' concerts, festivals, theatre productions, sports, and corporate events. The company also consults and installs technology for permanent installations.

About the CEDAR DNS 2

The DNS 2 eliminates traffic noise, air conditioning, wind, rain, babble and general background noise from audio signals. It will also help to compensate for unfavourable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement, and even suppresses excessive reverberation. It's designed specifically for simplicity of use, and requires nothing more than switching on the Learn function and then dialing in the amount of noise attenuation required. You can slip it inside your pocket or equipment bag, yet it offers analogue line and microphone inputs (the latter with optional 48V phantom powering), an AES3/AES11 digital input, and both analogue and digital outputs, and its 12V power input means that you can use it in the middle of a field as easily as in the studio or the edit suite.

Watch the DNS 2 teaser video

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