CEDAR Audio has been nominated for a Gottelier Award

Gottelier Award

4 September 2023

CEDAR Audio is proud to have been nominated for a prestigious Gottelier Award. Named in memory of renowned industry innovator and commentator Tony Gottelier, this special award recognises the invaluable contributions of the people behind the products.

They say:

Since 1988 CEDAR Audio has led the way in audio restoration and noise suppression, winning multiple Academy, Emmy and industry awards. The CEDAR team has been behind various game-changing pro audio inventions, including the first real-time digital audio restoration systems, spectral editing, digital dialogue noise suppression (DNS), and broadband noise reduction without a spectral fingerprint. They have also developed many other 'world firsts', including sub-sample phase correction, digital audio restoration processes that run on dedicated hardware, and audio restoration software that runs on third-party platforms.

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Gottelier Award 2023

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