CEDAR Series X units to be installed in Audio Forensic Laboratory

22 December 1997

CEDAR Audio announces that Berkeley Security Bureau (Forensic) Limited have purchased two CEDAR Series X units - a CRX decrackler and a DHX dehisser. These will be used to clean up audio tapes and video tape soundtracks that will then be used in criminal and civil cases by organisations world-wide.

BSB's Forensic Division, based in London, is a new arm of the existing BSB organisation, which is part of the Dawnay Day Group. The company is an industry leader in commercial electronic counter measures, surveillance, and anti-surveillance technologies.

BSB (Forensic) has invested more than £500,000 on state-of-the-art equipment, and can offer a full range of audio and video services, together with fingerprint, handwriting examination, and anti-counterfeiting services. The audio laboratory is headed by Alan French, a former Metropolitan Police Technical Officer with thirteen years experience in forensic audio work. It offers services such as audio tape enhancement, examination, authentication and repair, plus a full range of transcription services.

Alan French said, "We have been aware of CEDAR Audio for a long time, and have noted its growing importance within the field of audio forensic investigation. Its latest products are particularly well-suited to audio forensic work, and we are pleased to see how much of the company's R&D is now directed towards this. CEDAR is a strong brand name in our field, and we are proud to be linked with it. The CRX and DHX will prove to be important features within our new laboratory."

BSB (Forensic) will be pleased to offer support and advice to other organisations wishing to acquire or use CEDAR systems for forensic purposes.

Interested parties may contact:

Alan French
Berkeley Security Bureau (Forensic) Limited
t: 0171 979 8833
f: 0171 979 8830