Multiple CEDAR DNS1500s are installed at the Digital Mix Stage Studio complex in Malaysia

Digital Mix Stage Studio, Malaysia

11 May 2009

A new four-storey audio complex which houses two ADR suites, a medium-sized foley stage and recording suite, an audio sweetening room, a music sweetening room, a premix stage, an optical sound camera room and a digital mixing stage has been officially opened by the deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Called the Digital Mix Stage Studio and funded by The National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia (FINAS), this complex is the first of its kind in the country and makes it possible for optical sound transfers and final audio mixing to be handled locally rather than overseas.

The ADR suites, premix stage, foley recording suite, audio and music sweetening rooms are equipped almost identically, and each has CEDAR DNS1500 dialogue noise suppressors installed, thus making the complex one of the largest users of DNS products in the region.

A full report can be found in Pro Audio Asia magazine.


Since its inception, FINAS has instigated a series of initiatives for Malaysia's film industry including funding, training and marketing. Its primary objectives are to promote, maintain and facilitate film production in the country, and to promote the local film industry internationally. It provides the industry with technical services, related training workshops and professional infrastructure at its facilities in Kuala Lumpur, as well as in-house consultants, technicians, film and video editors and sound engineers.

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