Announcing the DNS2000 for Pro Tools PC - now all Pro Tools users can take advantage of the award-winning DNS2000

CEDAR DNS2000 dialogue noise suppressor

6 June 2007

Two months after announcing the upgrade that made the DNS2000 Dialogue Noise Suppressor compatible with Pro Tools on the latest Intel-based Macs, CEDAR announces that the DNS2000 is now available for Pro Tools on the PC.

All DNS2000s ordered after 8th June 2007 will be shipped with new software compatible with all PC (Windows XP SP2) and Mac platforms. The DNS2000 rackmount processor itself is completely generic, so users can connect it to a PC on one day, and to a Mac on the next, as they choose. This makes it extremely flexible and fully transportable between jobs and installations. The new software also integrates with all Digidesign's control surfaces such as the D-Command and ICON systems, whether used with the PC or Mac.

As always, the new Remote Control Software (RCS) is clear and easy to use, and is capable of supporting and controlling up to 128 DNS2000 hardware units for the largest multi-track and post applications.

More good news: PC compatibility has been achieved without changing the hardware, so all existing users can take advantage of this upgrade. Perhaps best of all, there's no price consequence for any users - new or existing. The DNS2000 (Mac & PC) costs no more than the DNS2000 on the Mac alone, so the upgrade is completely free of charge.

For further information:

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