CEDAR announces DeNoise 96 for SADiE 5


4 April 2003

First shipped in 1996, DeNoise was written to run on the SADiE hardware of the time, the 25MFLOP XS card. The process provided noise fingerprinting and flexible noise reduction controls, but the limited power available (by modern standards) made it impossible to implement a 96kHz algorithm on this and succeeding SADiE platforms. But all of this has changed with the advent of SADiE 5, which provides the power and flexibility to host a much-improved dehisser. Not only does this run at all sample rates up to 96kHz, it contains some of the enhancements developed during the research that led to CEDAR's new flagship CEDAR Cambridge, and the NR-4™ module that runs on it.

CEDAR's Engineering Director, Dave Betts explains, "SADiE customers should find the new version of DeNoise to be a marked improvement over the previous one, making it easier to obtain a good, consistent result. We have completely updated the underlying algorithm, and it now includes features that reduce the non-linear distortions that can occur during heavy processing. This makes the result sound more musical and more natural."

DeNoise 96 is available from Studio Audio and Video, its subsidiaries and dealers, and completes a suite of 96kHz CEDAR for SADiE audio restoration processes comprising:

  • DeClick 96
  • DeCrackle 96
  • DeThump 96
  • DeClick 96
  • Retouch™

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