Oliver France and CEDAR clean up Channel 4's 'Deal Or No Deal'

Noel Edmunds' Deal Or No Deal

24 January 2006

Oliver France, who purchased his first CEDAR DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor in June 2005 to clean up Big Brother 6, has purchased a second DNS1000 to clean up the new Channel Four Television game show, Deal Or No Deal, hosted by Noel Edmunds, in which any one of twenty-two players can win up to £250,000.

With three shows being recorded every day at Endemol West (Bristol) in front of a studio audience, the DNS1000 is kept busy removing a variety of unwanted noise from the live recordings, including moving lights, air conditioning, and fan noise. A second DNS1000 is also being used in post production to clean up 'pick ups' ready for broadcast.

Oliver France comments, "The CEDAR DNS1000 is very, very quick and easy to use. As a freelance engineer I am constantly up against time and the speed of the DNS1000 makes it indispensable when working with live audio."

The DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor is a free-standing unit designed for audio post, live broadcast, and forensic audio. With virtually zero latency, its 40-bit multi-band processing is ideal for removing unwanted noise from location sound, sound effects and dialogue. This unit will continue to be kept busy because Channel Four Television has commissioned a further three hundred and twenty Deal Or No Deal programmes.

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