Using the CEDAR DNS 2 on the set of the Netflix drama, Dark

On the set of Dark series 2

30 July 2019

The first series of the Netflix time travel series Dark was a huge success in Germany, but perhaps even more so abroad where its German soundtrack is often preferred (with subtitles to aid non-German speakers) because of its authenticity.

Currently, Netflix is showing the second series. The dialogue recordist was again Matthias Richter, who says he did not want to do without the advantages of using the CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor when working on the set. He told us that the quality of the production mix has not gone unnoticed by the directors and producers of the series so, for the forthcoming third season, the second unit will also be equipped with CEDAR. This will improve the audio quality of both units and reduce any sonic differences between the two of them.

There is often a worry that noise reduction on set will lead to problems in post, which is why recordists will usually deliver both the unprocessed and processed versions of the live audio. But on Dark, the response from the post production team regarding the DNS 2 was also very positive. Often, the CEDAR processed live mix was used in the final mix, which was perhaps not to be expected. But the results obtained on set using the DNS 2 were even convincing in post.

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