CEDAR Audio Reclaims and Relaunches CEDAR for Soundscape™

29 August 2003

Following Mackie's decision to cease support for Soundscape and the subsequent reacquisition of Soundscape by Sydec Audio Engineering NV, CEDAR and Sydec have agreed that CEDAR will now be responsible for marketing and supplying the Soundscape restoration processes. This means that the company will now be able to involve its specialised network of dealers trained in selling and supporting audio restoration and noise suppression products.

As with all CEDAR processes, the algorithms in CEDAR for Soundscape differentiate between the unwanted sound and the genuine signal, allowing transparent restoration of even severely damaged material:

Declick for Soundscape

Designed as a plug-in to run on Soundscape and REd systems, Declick for Soundscape combines two radically different declickers in a single, cost-effective package.

auto declick restores most material, removing the vast majority of clicks from any audio signal. It does this automatically, identifying the damage, removing it, and filling the gap with the best possible estimate of the signal that existed before the click occurred.

manual declick eliminates longer clicks and scratches by allowing the user to identify the audio that constitutes the click, and then applying a restoration algorithm that is optimised for these problems.

Auto Dehiss for Soundscape

Designed as a plug-in to run on Soundscape editors and REd systems, but also able to work on Mixtreme cards, Auto dehiss for Soundscape is a descendent of CEDAR's award-winning DH-1, DH-2 and DHX rackmount dehissers. It addresses a wide range of broadband noise problems, but remains simple and intuitive in use.

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