Adding audio ingestion and metadata to the world's most powerful audio restoration system

2 October 2007

Since its launch, CEDAR Cambridge™ has been recognised as the leading real-time audio restoration system, used worldwide for mastering, post and, in particular, audio forensic processing. During that time, numerous users have asked whether it could be used as an ingestion (recording) and metadata generation system suitable for use in archives and libraries, as well as in post, broadcast and even forensic audio where large amounts of audio data have to be handled quickly and efficiently.

Today, CEDAR Cambridge V5 adds an audio recorder that synchronises to external timecode, WAV file support with RF64 read/write, embedded BEXT chunk metadata handling and a BEXT metadata generator and editor. This means that you can now choose CEDAR Cambridge V5 as your ingestion system; loading, classifying and processing the audio without recourse to any other equipment apart from your input and monitoring systems.

We have also made CEDAR Cambridge V5 transparent to existing metadata, both in the BEXT chunk and other chunks, which will pass through the system unharmed if you wish it to do so. And, of course, it's also completely compatible with all existing CEDAR Cambridge processes.

To make this as useful as possible to the widest range of customers, CEDAR Cambridge V5 now recognises a huge range of audio file formats, including Sun/NeXT AU, Ensoniq PARIS, Amiga IFF / SVX8 / SV16, Sphere NIST, VOC, Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL, Matlab V4.2 / GNU Octave 2.0, Matlab V5.0 / GNU Octave 2.1, Portable Voice format, Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument, HMM Tool Kit format, Midi Sample Dump Standard, Audio Visual Research, Sound Designer 2, plus the following sub-formats: U-Law encoded, A-Law encoded, IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, GSM 6.10 encoding, OKI / Dialogix ADPCM, 32kbs G721 ADPCM encoding, 24kbs G723 ADPCM encoding, 40kbs G723 ADPCM encoding, 12 bit Delta Width Variable Word encoding, 16 bit Delta Width Variable Word encoding, 24 bit Delta Width Variable Word encoding, N bit Delta Width Variable Word encoding, 8 bit differential PCM (XI only), and 16 bit differential PCM (XI only).

Perhaps best of all, the CEDAR Cambridge V5 core will be free of charge to existing CEDAR Cambridge owners, who will be able to upgrade their existing audio restoration systems with no more effort and expense than a short download and entering a free software key.

Click here to learn about the new CEDAR Cambridge Server.

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