Introducing the world's finest noise reduction and audio restoration system

CEDAR Cambridge

5th October 2002 - 113th AES Convention, Los Angeles


The audio world has changed. Surround systems with six or eight channels are becoming commonplace, as are 24-bit, 96kHz processing and replay systems. These have increased the need for a wider range of audio tools capable of cleaning up everything ranging from the earliest recordings to the live broadcasts being transmitted today. CEDAR Cambridge™ gives you the power to address all of these problems.

CEDAR Cambridge incorporates a suite of completely new CEDAR algorithms. The most powerful and most faithful processes yet developed, these are capable of removing more noise - and more types of noise - than ever before, without damaging the desired audio or introducing unwanted side-effects and artefacts. CEDAR Cambridge is...

  • a scalable system that offers a consistent operating environment whether you are handling one channel or eight
  • a system that handles 96kHz audio with ease, and offers 64-bit floating-point processing at all times
  • a real-time system that applies multiple processes to your audio as you monitor it
  • a fully automated system with a dedicated, 1U rackmount timecode reader/generator
  • a system capable of handling the most demanding post-production applications
  • a completely modular system that allows you to select precisely the tools and facilities that you need
  • a system that allows you to select from a wide range of I/O formats, channel, metering and dithering options
  • a mastering system for cleaning up audio for CD, DVD and video
  • a noise suppression system for post and broadcast
  • an analysis and clean-up tool for audio forensic investigation
  • a restoration system for libraries and archivesand more

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