Announcing CEDAR Cambridge™ v6.1 plus the enhanced Series III host

CEDAR Cambridge Series III

30 March 2010

CEDAR Audio is delighted to announce the immediate availability of an upgraded CEDAR Cambridge Series III audio restoration and speech enhancement platform. Boasting improved processing speeds and increased RAM, it is capable of processing more audio, more quickly, and supporting more simultaneous instances than ever before. The core software of CEDAR Cambridge and every processing module has been rewritten to take advantage of the latest Windows 7 operating system, so every CEDAR Cambridge System III is now shipped with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit as standard.

As always, there is no waiting for a CEDAR announcement to become reality and pricing remains unchanged from the original CEDAR Cambridge Series III running Windows Vista. By the time that you read this, the first of the enhanced Series III systems will have been shipped to customers.

CEDAR Cambridge v6.1 is backward compatible with all previous revisions of CEDAR Cambridge and CEDAR Cambridge Server.

About CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Cambridge was introduced in February 2003 and was immediately judged to be the most powerful and most accurate audio restoration system yet devised. The system has seen a stream of improvements in the ensuing years including numerous new processing modules and dramatic increases in processing power. Today, the system counts the most prestigious film, TV and mastering studios among its users, but its greatest impact has been in the field of security, law enforcement and air accident investigation, for which it has become a worldwide standard.

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