CEDAR cleans up Big Brother at Elstree Studios

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22 August 2005

CEDAR Audio Ltd is pleased to reveal that a DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor - the recent winner of an Academy Award - has been used to remove unwanted noise from Big Brother 6, which is being broadcast over the summer by Channel 4 Television. Purchased by Oliver France, the DNS1000 has been used primarily to clean up noise during the 'after eviction' interviews with presenter Davina McCall, which were recorded on the George Lucas Sound Stage at Elstree Studios.

"The use of omni-directional microphones resulted in excessive ambient noise being picked up from air conditioning units and fans located in LED screens, as well as the general background noise from the large OB trucks and neighbouring editing suites", France explained. "I used the DNS1000 to eliminate these and ensure that the interviews were interference-free and of broadcast quality. The DNS1000 is an amazing unit, and has really helped me to clean up the sound and ensure the interviews were suitable for live television."

The DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor is a free-standing unit designed for audio post, live broadcast, and forensic audio. With virtually zero latency, its 40-bit multi-band processing is ideal for removing unwanted noise from location sound, sound effects and dialogue. It is a breakthrough in noise suppression, and will remove rumble, hiss, whistles, broadband noise, and the 'shot' noise that often makes audio unusable. As with all CEDAR products, the DNS1000 has a simple but elegant user-interface, powerful capabilities, and will help users avoid the expensive rerecording or overdubbing sessions that may otherwise be necessary.

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