For the professional, the first port of call has to be CEDAR

Roger Beardsley

26 May 2006

Record transcription and audio restoration expert, Roger Beardsley, has been interviewed at length in the May/June issue of Resolution magazine and says, "For the professional, the first port of call has to be CEDAR... it is still the only system for serious consideration"

"How you get into it depends upon your preferences. Essentially, there are two methods. Standalone, whereby you purchase the modules such as Declick, Decrackle and Dehiss and run them in real-time between your A/D converter and the processing or editing system, has the advantage of flexibility and ease of use. The alternative is to go for the full computer-based systems, perhaps as part of a package with a SADiE editor. This approach gives the maximum ability to restore and clean up damaged recordings in a way that the standalone modules do not. The cost is greater, so it may well depend upon the sort of material you will be working on and how often, but if it requires heavy intervention then the full system is the one for you."

In addition to performing audio restorations, Roger Beardsley helps to run Historic Masters, the only company in the world issuing 78rpm records in their original form. He specialises in operatic and vocal recordings, and the full Historic Masters catalogue now includes more than 160 discs of songs and arias by the many of the greatest singers of the 78rpm era.

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