'Indispensible' CEDAR DNS1000 saves time and money at Aikon MT

Aikon Media & Technology purchase CEDAR DNS1000

20 April 2006

Aikon Media & Technology is one of the leading Austrian post production houses, specialising in German, Austrian and Swiss TV films and prime-time television programmes. Established in 1994 and originally focussing on music videos and documentaries, Aikon-Mt initially served as a post facility, creative/technical consultant, and music producer for international music majors. The company now serves as a complete package service provider covering the entire post-production process including musical scoring.

Sound re-recording mixer Martin Loecker comments, "I use the CEDAR DNS1000 on nearly every film that I mix and I now say that it is indispensable. It solves, or at least reduces, many problems including background noise, hiss and other inadequacies that may have occurred on set. No other product is as efficient and intuitive as the CEDAR DNS1000, and it has saved time and money by rescuing ?takes? that otherwise would have needed ADR."

The DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor is a free-standing unit designed for audio post, live broadcast, and forensic audio. With virtually zero latency, its 40-bit multi-band processing is ideal for removing unwanted noise from location sound, sound effects and dialogue. It is a breakthrough in noise suppression, and will remove rumble, hiss, whistles, broadband noise, and the 'shot' noise that often makes live audio unacceptable.

For further information:

CEDAR Audio Limited, 20 Home End, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5BS, United Kingdom.
t: +44 1223 881771
f: +44 1223 881778
e: info@cedaraudio.com

Aikon Media & Technology, Alpenstrasse 112, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.
t: +43 662 625943 0
f: +43 662 625943 10
w: www.aikon-mt.com