CEDAR Retouch scores highly at Abbey Road

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27 July 2007

Retouch has become an integral part of the way that audio restoration and audio fix-up is undertaken at the world?s most famous studio, Abbey Road. Gramophone Award winner and Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Andrew Walter (whose extensive list of credits includes work with David Bowie, Paul McCartney, and Robbie Williams) wrote to CEDAR Audio on 17 July 2007 to say, "I again have to say that Retouch has completely revolutionised the way we work at Abbey Road. From replacing missing notes (timpani hits in the latest Harry Potter score) to removing every type of unwanted noise, sibilance and errors to leave just what is needed ? it?s a daily used tool. I've also been doing a forensic job recently and very successfully removed the GSM tone and associated harmonics to reveal two rather bad crooks, to the delight of my client. So bravo again. I can't praise it enough."

CEDAR Retouch is a huge leap forward in sound processing technology. Unlike conventional restoration tools, it allows you to define the temporal and spectral content of the sound you want to remove. This makes it possible to identify noises as varied as coughs, squeaky chairs, page turns, the creak of a piano pedal and even car horns. Once identified, unwanted sounds are replaced seamlessly with audio that matches the surrounding signal. All other audio remains untouched.

Retouch is available on the company?s CEDAR Cambridge V4 workstation and as a plug-in on Pro Tools, Pyramix and SADiE.

When all else fails... Retouch gives you complete control.

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