Key features of the SE 1

CEDAR SE 1 Speech Enhancer CEDAR SE 1 Speech Enhancer

  • A unique speech enhancement process
  • Super-fast setup and control
  • Small, light and portable
  • Analogue and digital I/O
  • Dual independent headphones outputs
  • 12V power


  • Two linkable channels of CEDAR processing
  • Floating point processor, 2.4 GFLOP/s, 40-bit resolution
  • Sample rate: 44.1kHz

AD/DA conversion

  • 24-bit linear PCM
  • Sample rate 44.1kHz

Line input

  • Connector: RCA
  • Impedance: >22kΩ
  • Nominal signal level (0dB gain): -10dBV
  • Clipping level (0dB gain): +4dBV
  • Dynamic range (0dB gain): >100dB (AES17, A weighted)
  • THD+N (0dB gain): <0.01%
  • Maximum gain: +20dB
  • Minimum gain: -6dB
  • Max input level (-6dB gain): +10dBV

Digital input

  • Connector: RCA
  • Format: SPDIF (IEC60958)
  • Sample rate sync. range: 40kHz - 50kHz
  • Maximum gain: +6dB
  • Minimum gain: -20dB

Line output

  • Connector: RCA
  • Nominal signal level: -10dBV
  • Maximum output: +4dBV
  • Dynamic range: >100dB (AES17, A weighted)
  • THD+N: <0.01%
  • Output impedance: 150Ω
  • Minimum load impedance: 2kΩ
  • Short circuit protection: Indefinite

Digital output

  • Connector: Unbalanced RCA
  • Format: SPDIF (IEC60958)
  • Sample rate (internal sync): 44.1kHz (+/-50ppm)
  • Sample rate (external sync): locked to SPDIF input

Headphone output

  • Connector: 6.35mm stereo jack
  • Maximum output power: 90mW into 32Ω @ 1.7VRMS
  • Dynamic range: >100dB (AES17, A weighted)
  • THD+N: <0.05% into 32Ω @ 1VRMS (32mW)
  • Minimum load impedance: 16Ω
  • Short circuit protection: Indefinite


  • 8VDC to 17.5VDC (nominal 12V)
  • Power consumption: 4W typical
  • Mains operation (85VAC - 250VAC, 50-60Hz) via supplied UK/US/EU/AUS 12V adapter


  • Dimensions: 164mm x 110mm x 44mm
  • Weight: <500g

The Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.