CEDAR Duos: A higher standard ... without impairing the sound of the music or introducing unwanted artefacts


16 July 2010

Wolfgang Feld of ZOUNDS has worked for over 16 years with CEDAR equipment as well as CEDAR's Declick, Dethump and DeNoise processes on SADiE. He has remastered countless titles using these, including recordings by Tom Jones, Rick Wakeman, Ekseption, and José Feliciano. And, in addition to his work on audiophile editions, he has also remastered 24-carat gold CDs of Bert Kaempfert, Paul Anka, Edith Piaf, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Harry Belafonte using CEDAR, recently completing the highly praised Best of Glenn Miller, which included all 23 US number 1 hits and has sold more than 2,000,000 copies.

For his newest project, Feld tested and then purchased the latest CEDAR Duo DDC Declickle rackmount unit. He told us, "The Duo hardware units are ideal for my needs and, being real-time processors, they are very intuitive in operation. The new Declickle algorithm in the DDC removes the clicks and crackle of historical recordings more quickly and to a higher standard than previous two-stage procedures, without impairing the sound of the music or introducing unwanted artefacts."

About Declickle

When declicking and decrackling are carried out separately, information can be lost in the declick pass that might be useful when removing the crackle. CEDAR has solved this problem by combining declicking and decrackling in a single algorithm called Declickle, and this drastically reduces the well known side-effects of restoration. Declickle is available as a hardware unit (the Duo DDC Declickle rackmount) and as software for the CEDAR Cambridge range of audio restoration and speech enhancement systems.

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