CEDAR cures Yoko Ono's bad cough

CEDAR cures Yoko Ono's bad cough

10 February 2000

New York based Merlin Studios have used CEDAR to restore a performance by Yoko Ono entitled 'Cough'. This was recorded in the late 1960s and consists of Yoko Ono coughing against a backdrop of percussion instruments and traffic noise from the outside road.

Merlin's Owner, Paul Goodrich, comments, "The performance was originally recorded on a quarter inch reel to reel tape. Unfortunately this was not available to work from, so I used a cassette copy, which was my only source. The cassette contained a lot of unwanted noise such as scratches, crackle and hiss. Yoko Ono wanted to keep the original character of the performance, which included background noise from the street, and some hiss from the reel to reel recorder. Happily, my CEDAR Series X units made the task simple and I was able to control the amount of noise removed, and the original character remained."

Cough was on display at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York from December 1999 to January 2000. Other works included Ono's film Erection (which was part of a structural film day entitled 'Frame, Time, Surface, Material: Structural Film and Beyond') and Fly, Freedom, Apotheosis, and Rape, all of which were screened on January 8th 2000.

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