VIntage Decrackle - revitalising a classic

CEDAR Cambridge Vintage Decrackle

12 January 2006

We are very proud to have invented the modern decrackler. Developed from an idea mooted on a London Underground station* in 1990, 'Decrackle' appeared later that year and, together with CEDAR Declick, introduced real-time digital audio restoration to the world.

Based on our proprietary Split & Recombine algorithm, Decrackle was often denounced as impossible. Yet it worked extremely well, removing crackle, some forms of buzz, and many amplitude distortions from material as diverse as cylinder recordings and live broadcasts contaminated with lighting buzz and other problems. Over the next decade, we refined Decrackle many times, and it appeared on every CEDAR System as well as the ground-breaking CR-1 and CRX rackmount modules. Often copied by other companies, its performance was never equalled let alone surpassed, and it remains a favourite of audio restoration engineers everywhere.

In response to customers' requests, we're re-launching the most popular implementation of the process as Vintage Decrackle. Providing the same performance as the CR-1 Decrackler (which still graces many of the top mastering facilities, studios, libraries and sound archives) Vintage Decrackle boasts a remarkable ability to dig deep into a damaged signal to identify and remove all manner of ground-in and grungy crackles and distortions. Of course, the process is now coupled to the powerful, eight-channel facilities and timecode/automation of CEDAR Cambridge but it remains incredibly simple to use. Novices will be using it correctly and effectively within minutes of installation.

Vintage Decrackle is immediately available for all CEDAR Cambridge systems from v2.6 onward, and can be obtained from all authorised CEDAR dealers.

* Not the usual meaning of 'tube sound'.

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