The CEDAR DNS 8 Live™ cleans up live sound at the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen


23 April 2015

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: Recently, the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen acquired a CEDAR DNS 8 Live. Karsten Wolstad and Jonas Vest, the in-house sound designers and audio engineers, had for some time been working to improve the speech intelligibility within the theatre, not just in the building's loop system, but also at each position within the hall itself, so CEDAR's Danish distributor, Interstage A/S, arranged a demonstration of the DNS 8 Live. Shortly after this, a unit was tested on a live show in the theatre, where Vest used it on a production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. His conclusion was unequivocal. "It's not leaving my rack again", he said. So it stayed.

CEDAR Audio's DNS dialogue noise suppression has gone from strength to strength over the past decade in the broadcast industry, and is now well on its way to repeating that success in the live sound industry. Wolstad says this of the DNS 8 Live, "We had read and heard about the DNS, but it seemed to be used primarily in broadcast installations where the dynamic range is typically much lower than it is for stage productions. So we were excited to see how it would perform in our surroundings. To be honest, it's rare that a product that promises so much actually delivers on those promises. I have to say, it works damn well!"

"It's also remarkable when a new product offers something genuinely new. In this case, the DNS 8 Live makes discrete stage mic'ing possible because it completely eliminates the ambient noise while retaining the ambient feeling that's necessary to stop the sound reinforcement seeming artificial. We are really excited about it."

Finn Juul of Interstage added, "The DNS 8 Live is the ideal partner for all types of live sound. It offers eight separate channels and a dynamic Learn function that adjusts the processing to compensate for changing noise conditions. What's more, there's no noticeable latency in CEDAR's DNS devices, so they don't lose sync in relation to the live action. The total latency of the DNS 8 Live is about 0.2ms, so it can be used in all situations without problems."

"We were therefore able to show that it's perfect for uses outside of broadcast, and is ideal for theatres, live shows, conferences, conventions, and anywhere else where the sound can benefit from being 'tightened up'. It minimises feedback and dampens unwanted interference such as reverberation and background from the audience, as well as noise from things such as spotlights, scenery, and flooring. That's why it's already used by several major European rental companies in their high-end equipment and large-scale event rigs."

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