Exceptional Offers on CEDAR products in August 2008

CEDAR Retouch for Pro Tools CEDAR Duo declickle and auto dehiss CEDAR Retouch for Pro Tools CEDAR DNS3000 dialogue noise suppressor

31 July 2008

We all know that the credit crunch is having an adverse effect on the world economy. Nobody is immune... not even the pro-audio industry, and that's why CEDAR is taking four bold steps to help its customers in August.

With exceptional offers on CEDAR Tools, the DNS2000, both Duos, and a unique trade-in offer for the DNS1500 and DNS3000, we're sure that there's something here for everybody.

The complete suite in the UK for: £7,500 (29% off the published UK end-user price: £3,000 less than RRP.)

UK offer price: £3,000 (25% off the published UK end-user price: a saving of £1,000.)

CEDAR Duo DDC Declickle and DDH Auto Dehiss
UK offer price: £2,500 each (29% off the published UK end-user price: a saving of £1,000 per unit.)

CEDAR DNS1000 trade-in offer
Upgrade from a DNS1000 to a DNS1500 or a DNS3000, and, if you return the DNS1000 to us, we'll reduce the price of your new unit by £500.

These offers run from 1st August - 31 August 2008. Prices outside the UK will be based upon UK prices and set in local currency by CEDAR's distributors and dealers in each country.

For further information please contact your national dealer or Clive Osborn at:

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t: +44 1223 881771
f: +44 1223 881778
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