CEDAR helps to bring Sinatra back to life

Sinatra at the London Palladium
Image from the official website of Sinatra at the London Palladium.

22 February 2006

CEDAR Audio is delighted to have helped restore private archive material ready to be included in Sinatra at the London Palladium, the show that marks legendary performer Frank Sinatra's latest, greatest and most ambitious comeback. Ground-breaking use of cutting-edge technology puts Sinatra centre stage and larger than life on multiple moving screens, letting him perform with a brilliant company of dancers and singers, supported by a twenty-four piece live orchestra of the best musicians in London - together performing some of the greatest music ever recorded.

Sinatra at the Palladium has the support of the Sinatra family, who gave the producers full access to their private archive and home movies, and it's the first time that the family has allowed some of this material to be seen. A significant amount of this was filmed on 35mm film in the late 1950s when Sinatra was at the peak of his career. CEDAR's in-house restoration engineer, Paul Alexander, visited Autograph Sound Recording in London with a CEDAR Cambridge v2.6 system to help restore some of this material. Using CEDAR NR-4 Advanced Noise Reduction, Auto Dehiss and Debuzz, Alexander removed general background noise as well as unwanted hiss and buzz. He comments, "The original recordings and transfers were of extremely high quality. Nevertheless, there was some background noise on the 1950s recordings and I was able to remove this using CEDAR Cambridge."

CEDAR Cambridge is CEDAR's flagship audio restoration system, offering multi-channel high-resolution restoration with multiple, simultaneous processes and full automation capabilities. CEDAR Cambridge v2.6 is the latest revision of the system, offering new modules, updates to existing modules, additional features in the file processing system and advances in the user interface.

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