CEDAR Cambridge Series III is now faster and more powerful than ever

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11 January 2013

To meet the ever-increasing desire for greater efficiency and faster throughput, CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce a significant increase in the specification of its CEDAR Cambridge Series III hardware.

Featuring 12 Xeon processing cores and a massive 32GB of RAM, the system will be even better suited to batch processing large bodies of audio in libraries and archives, as well as in forensic laboratories handling high volumes of surveillance material. It will also support multiple instances and multiple users more efficiently and, depending upon the number of processing paths and the number of processes running in each, this can lead to potentially huge increases in productivity.

To aid the user, the new system will support up to six DVI monitors, which makes it even easier to set up, view and control multiple instances of CEDAR Cambridge on the same host hardware, with all of their signal analysis, processing paths, metadata, and report generation windows comfortably laid out and visible simultaneously.

Prices remain unchanged from previous versions of CEDAR Cambridge Series III, and all systems ordered from 11th January 2013 onward will be supplied to the new specification.

About CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Cambridge is widely recognised to be the most powerful and most accurate audio restoration system yet devised. The system has seen a stream of improvements since its launch, including new processing modules and dramatic increases in processing power.

Today, the system counts the most prestigious film, TV and mastering studios among its users, as well as numerous national sound archives and libraries, but its greatest impact has been in the field of security, law enforcement and air accident investigation, for which it has become a worldwide standard.

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