CEDAR upgrades the SE 1 speech enhancer to version 2

The CEDAR SE 1 on surveillance

26 Nov 2018

Following its highly successful launch in 2017, the CEDAR SE 1 speech enhancer is benefitting from its first major upgrade. With improvements to both the noise reduction and speech enhancement aspects of its algorithm, the new firmware allows the unit to reveal more speech with lower residual noise than ever before.

Upgrading existing units in the field is simple; just connect the SE 1 via USB to a computer holding the updated firmware and drag-and-drop the file onto the SE 1 folder that appears on your screen. There are no changes to the controls or parameters so existing users will simply enjoy improved performance without any re-learning of the system.

To upgrade, owners of existing units should visit

Units from serial no. 00910 onward will be shipped with the v2 firmware pre-installed.

About the SE 1

Police, security and counter-terrorism forces require covert audio surveillance systems that are rugged while remaining as small and light as possible. They must be simple to operate and able to run on batteries as well as mains power so that they can (literally) be used in the field when necessary. Designed following consultation with numerous forces and agencies, the CEDAR SE 1 Speech Enhancer satisfies all of these criteria. It offers two channels of advanced filtering and speech enhancement in a small device that sits immediately between the probes (microphones) and the headphones. It offers minimal latency and the simplest possible controls, and has a 12V power input that allows it to run on mains or battery power, all of which make it ideal for covert surveillance and rapid tactical response.

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